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Handover continues to be a major challenge for owner operators and EPCs resulting in project overruns, delayed startups and long-term additional costs during operations. There is solid evidence around the industry that the handover costs on a conventional project, with poor information, are between 2 and 4% of Total Installed Cost (TIC). What if you were able to eliminate the handover process? In this webinar, industry experts Adrian Park and Mike Montgomery will share how the single environment of HxGN SDx™ will allow EPCs and owner operators to incrementally build a digital twin from day one on a project and eliminate the need for data handover by simply changing ownership. The SDx platform complies to the CFIHOS (Capital Facilities Industry Handover Specification), ensuring that operations’ needs for information are satisfied.

The cloud-based HxGN SDx Projects module – developed over a two-year research and development effort with a U.S.-based oil and gas major – supports the planning, submission and validation of information deliverables on projects. The digital twin created during the project is automatically available for all SDx modules, including HxGN SDx Operations, which provides the processes for maintaining the digital twin during the operations phase. This means that the digital twin is carried forward intelligently through each stage of the project, avoiding the need to transfer or recreate information. This eliminates the need for final project handover to operations.

Take the first step toward eliminating your handover headache by downloading this free 30-minute (and 15-minute Q&A) webinar, originally presented on Tuesday, October 23, 2018.

Meet the presenters

Mike Montgomery
Global Business Development
Hexagon PPM

Adrian Park
Global Business Development
Hexagon PPM

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